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A Social Media APP With Some Healthcare Features.

Our social APP is perfect for everyone looking to express ones taught without being judged, meet new friends while you also Connect with Certified medical experts online. It also helps in extending ones life as it helps users maintain a healthy lifestyle!


How It Works

NOLONA X is a telemedical app with social features which makes you know that you are not alone. It is structured to help in reducing the rate of suicide, depression and anxiety.

The Nolona X app helps you ease of tension from the comfort of your home.

Download APP & SignUp

Download the APP from the respective APP Directories and complete the simple signup process to login.

SetUp & Connect

Add basic details about yourself and connect with a whole lot of users of the APP.

Use & Enjoy

Enjoy all features we have put inplace to improve your general health and social life style.


Why you should use Nolona X?

The social section of Nolona X is for everyone that likes privacy, and for those who are not free to express themselves openly either as a result of social status or moral standing.

Many people, not just celebrities suffer from depression, anxiety and some commit suicide all because there is no one to talk to. Nolona X app allows users to remain anonymous while using the app, so they can express themselves freely without being judged or threatened.

Getting Started?

  • Download It For Free

    Download Nolona X from playstore or Apple Store easily to get access to all these amazing features.

  • Make A Profile

    After downloading, you would need to register and complete your profile details so we can serve you better.

  • Make Use

    Using Nolona X after setting up profiles is quite easy, connect with friends & medical practitionals easily using our built features.


Get Medical Help Without Leaving Your Home.

With Nolona X, we make it possible to get professional medical assistance without having to leave your home. Its easy, fast and reliable.

  • Get fast medical help online.
  • No more self medication.
  • Its easy, fast and reliable.

Things you should know about Nolona X

Here are some interesting facts about Nolona X you need to know.

Our products offer health assistance. It helps and getting people medical help as fast as the click of a button. It also helps in extending ones life as it helps users maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We have Nolona X (Telemedical app)
And a section of Nolona X for the socials

Nolona X helps one extend his life span
Nolona X : Subscription for medical health care

Nolona X helps reduce the rate of suicide, depression and anxiety.

Nolona X social section meets your emotional needs as a human.
It connects you with someone who is in an opposite mood, while maintaining an anonymous identity. That is if you are in a bad mood, the app pairs you to someone who is in a good mood, so the person can cheer you up and make you know that you are not alone.

With this app, users can Improve their health and extend their lives by getting rid of the habits that affect their health negatively with the help of the app through its GET WELL ROUTINE and bad habit correction feature which basically allows users to fill in what sickness they have and the app notifies them of GET WELL ROUTINE through bad habit correction tool
EG I don't eat healthy, so the app reminds me to take drugs If any, and remind me to eat fruits